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Lockout Service

Pro Toledo Locksmith offers lockout services start @ $80 depending on time of day, weather and the lock that we would be opening. Also not all lockout services are created equal. If they are not using other means of getting into your home or vehicle other then prying your door jamb, wedging your car door or worse drilling the lock then you are not getting the service you deserve and that you paid for. Pro Toledo Locksmith will always use non-destructive means to unlock your Auto, Home or Business. The risk of damage is very high with wedging, so we only use wedging as a very last resort. So it is your right as the consumer to ask the service provider how they plan on opening your door. If they say they are going to wedge your door or worse drill the lock then I would advise you to keep calling until you find a provider that will try picking your lock as the first method of entry. You owe it to yourself and your property.

If you are locked out.

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