4 ways you can secure your home right now!

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In these tough times it is becoming more important than ever to think about home security. Thieves are becoming smarter and more high tech about taking your stuff. Protecting you and your stuff can be easier than you think. Here are four ways you can better secure your things right now.
locked-door          1: The first thing on this list sounds simple and can be. Lock up your stuff. Using locks is an effective age old deterrent from thieves. But not all locks are created equal, and where to use locks is just as important. New home owners especially, not only need to change all the locks in the house but start looking at potential problem spots on their property. Thieves look for the route of less resistance. Making sure all gates, garages, doors and any other buildings are locked up tight is the best way to secure high risk areas. As i said earlier, not all locks are created equal though. You want to make sure that all of the areas you need secured are done properly. Calling a locksmith to help judge what locks are best to use for your needs is a wise choice. They should be able to survey these areas and install all the proper locks needed.
security-lights2: Proper lighting is a great deterrent for thieves. The best way to see where you need good lighting on your property is to look at your place as a thief would. Look for dark areas that would make easy access points to get to places that can be broken into. There are many different types of lighting you can use to achieve your goal. Figure out what light is best for what area and have them installed by a professional.
garagekept3: This one is a no brainer. Put your stuff away. Parking your car in the garage and putting your stuff in sheds and buildings is the best way to keep them secure. If you seem to have no place to store your stuff, you can get creative. There are a lot of storage ideas available on the market. From sheds to deck boxes the possibilities are endless. Even if you don’t like what you find online to buy, Pinterest is full of ideas for diy storage.
cleanproperty4: Another easy thing you can do is to clean up your property. Keeping the grass mowed and the flower beds weeded makes a big difference in the eyes of thieves. Studies show that properties that are well maintained are far less likely to be robbed or vandalized. Areas that are better maintained show potential vandals that the owners care more about the property and are more than likely watching what is going on in the neighborhood.
I hope these steps will help make your home a safer place to live. If you want any further ideas on how to secure your stuff or have any questions, please feel free to contact Acres lock & key @ http://www.wefixwhatfailsyou.com

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